Why Value-Added Services Could be the Key to Capitalising on Customers’ Shifting Preferences

March 2, 2021

Customers’ preferences are quickly evolving. “Customer experience” has become a buzzword, but it accurately describes the top priorities of today’s customers. They demand more choices – and they want them provided instantly and with as little disruption to their daily lives as possible. Digitalisation has been a key driver of this, helping reduce user friction […]

ReceiptHero & Worldline Support The Move From Paper Receipts To Digital Checkout

December 14, 2020

From E-Payments Challenge Winners to Business Partners, ReceiptHero and Worldline support the move from paper receipts to digital checkout ReceiptHero, the Finnish fintech that has built an open ecosystem for banks and merchants to power itemised digital receipts, has inked a partnership with Worldline, the European market leader in payment and transaction services. For merchants […]

Open Banking is Great, But are Banks Maximising the Potential of Card Linking?

December 6, 2020

Open banking has been a major enabler for the fintech world. By opening what was traditionally a closed ecosystem to third parties, fintech players can now access a world of opportunities to add value for banking customers. In Europe, the predominant legislation surrounding open banking is the PSD2[1]. Although it has been heralded as a […]

We’ve Got News: Announcing Our Seed Round

December 3, 2020

We’ve raised €2M from the Nordic’s top investors to continue our mission of digitalizing receipts. Our journey in the receipt business isn’t a new thing, since selling eTasku to Accountor Group in 2018, we’ve been more committed to removing paper receipts from existence and finding ways to build out a global platform allowing merchants to […]

Receipthero Eyes Expansion Into The Baltics, Partners With Etronika

December 3, 2020

ReceiptHero and Lithuania based POS provider, ETRONIKA have today signed an agreement to cooperate on a digital receipt rollout for their Baltic customers. The partnership enables ETRONIKA merchant customers using their flagship Kasu electronic cash register the ability to send digital receipts to their customers. This signals ReceiptHero’s official move into the Baltic region and […]

ReceiptHero Partners with Eurocard For Digital Receipt Rollout

December 1, 2020

The collaboration between ReceiptHero and Eurocard brings digital receipts to make everyday life easier ReceiptHero is pleased to announce that it has signed a cooperation agreement with SEB Kort, the issuer of Eurocard, the largest corporate card issuer in the Nordics. As a result of the cooperation, business customers and consumers who have Eurocard payment […]

R-kioski Customers Can Now Receive Their Receipts Digitally

November 24, 2020

From today, all R-kioski customers will have the opportunity to receive a digital receipt for purchases made with a payment card. The digital receipt which consists of data acts as an alternative to a paper receipt and makes it easier for customers to track their own purchases. It will continue to be possible to obtain […]

Winners of Mastercard Lighthouse Program

November 20, 2020

This week we were crowned Finnish winners of Mastercard’s Lighthouse fall program. The possibility to participate in this years program was a great strategic step for us, especially having built up relationships with partner banks and Mastercard ahead of the program. The program has helped to crystalize our next steps in our journey to digitalize […]

Receipthero Partners With Custobar to Enrich Customer Purchase Data

October 8, 2020

Customer purchase data is the foundation of any great loyalty scheme; however retail chains have previously faced a battle to find the most optimal solution with lack of point of sale data and ways to identify customers without a cumbersome onboarding process. Retail chains need to use the latest platforms and integrations to drive loyalty […]

ReceiptHero and Nordea Activates Digital Receipts for the Finnish Government

September 22, 2020

As part of the government’s goal to go fully ‘digital receipt’ compliant by 2025, ReceiptHero and Nordea have been supporting the State Treasury on onboarding roughly 50,000 employee corporate cards to be used in ReceiptHero enabled merchant locations. ‘By 2025, digital receipts are set to become the shared, compulsory government solution, meaning that anyone dealing […]

Receipthero Wins Worldline’s E-Payments Challenge

September 18, 2020

ReceiptHero are thrilled to announce that today we won the Worldline e-Payment’s Challenge. The e-Payment’s Challenge is Worldline’s premier digital event dedicated to payments and innovation that is set to co-innovate the e-payments ecosystem. It brings a global community of Worldline customers, partners, fintechs and startups, and industry thought leaders to explore the digital transformation of the […]

Puuilo goes live with digital receipts

September 10, 2020

With our Diebold Nixdorf partnership announced earlier in the year, we’re happy to release news that ReceiptHero is now activated at all Puuilo locations across Finland.  ‘As Puuilo cater to a lot of trade companies, losing paper receipts for equipment can be a real pain for our customers. Having ReceiptHero now activated, we can now […]

Receipthero Links up With CGI, Integrating Into Posmanager & LS Retail

September 8, 2020

ReceiptHero and global IT system integrator, CGI have today signed an agreement to cooperate on POS integrations. The partnership enables CGI merchant customers using POSManager and LSRetail the ability to send digital receipts to their customers. After the technical integration is complete CGI customers using POSManager or LS Nav 2018 can activate ReceiptHero for free.The […]

Receipthero Joins Mastercard’s Lighthouse Development Program

August 24, 2020

Digital receipts platform, ReceiptHero, has been picked to join the upcoming Lighthouse development program, powered by Mastercard and NFT Ventures. Mastercard built its business success on a base of strong technology and strong partnerships. The Lighthouse Program is one of the ways that Mastercard scouts new technology for itself and its partners. If Mastercard can […]

ReceiptHero Partners With Diebold Nixdorf, Integrating Into Vynamic™ POS

April 14, 2020

ReceiptHero and global point of sale terminal provider, Diebold Nixdorf have today agreed cooperation. The partnership enables Diebold Nixdorf merchant customers the ability to send digital receipts to their customers. After the technical integration is complete Diebold Nixdorf customers who use Vynamic™ 7.0 or higher can activate ReceiptHero for free. The first customer to leverage […]

Dirty Receipts: The Latest Case Against Using Paper Receipts

April 3, 2020

Over the last few weeks we have seen many companies come together to build innovative services for those affected by the current Covid-19 crisis. It’s a known fact that minimizing the human to human contact will have a significant impact on the virus spreading further, this also impacts physical objects like payment terminals. Contactless payment […]

March Merchant Update 

March 10, 2020

With our collaboration with Solteq we’re thrilled to announce that ReceiptHero has partnered with hundreds of new merchants with locations across Finland, most notably All The Body Shop stores and selected Intersport and Marimekko locations! We’re welcoming the power of digital receipts to more than 150 new locations across Finland. This is big news as […]

Replanting the Global Forest With One Tree Planted

February 3, 2020

ReceiptHero is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with One Tree Planted, an environmental charity with a focus on global reforestation. As a digital receipts platform, we are truly against the use of deforestation as a means to distribute paper receipts, especially as most of them are immediately thrown away. As more Banks, POS vendors, […]

Receipthero Is Now PCI Compliant

January 8, 2020

It is official, ReceiptHero is PCI-DSS level 2 certified! But what does this level of certification mean for our product, for our customers? We go in-depth into the why of PCI. Data privacy, data security, and fraud prevention, these factors will become even more important as more and more business shifts online. We are reminded […]

SKJ partners with ReceiptHero – Supercharging merchants future sustainability efforts

November 19, 2019

Finnish SKJ Systems Ltd  that is known for it’s popular Jeemly & Flowy POS products has partnered with ReceiptHero. The partnership enables SKJ’s merchants to deliver eReceipts for consumers.  SKJ has an over 25 year experience in developing POS solutions for a wide customer base and know the needs of small business owners – to […]

ReceiptHero Brings Its Digital Receipts to Nordea Wallet

October 27, 2019

Nordea​, the biggest bank across the Nordics, is officially going live with​ ​digital receipts in Finland. They will be made visible in the Nordea Wallet app, a place where customers manage their daily spending. Launching later this year, Nordea corporate customers will first receive access to this feature, with retail customers following soon after. ReceiptHero […]

3 Reasons Why Merchants Should Move to Digital Receipts

October 10, 2019

Technology is changing the world as we know it. From the way we live, work and even shop, more people are choosing to embrace the change digital solutions have to offer and choosing to go paperless. As we’ve seen large global outcry for paper straws and one time cups, what are the implications of paper […]

Receipthero & Visma – Partnership for Smoothest Expense Reporting

September 19, 2019

ReceiptHero and the software company Visma have agreed to start cooperation. As a result of this collaboration between ReceiptHero and Visma, digital receipts will be launched in Maventa e-invoice operator software owned by Visma. Through Maventa, digital receipts are enabled in Visma’s accounting platforms. This cooperation enables Visma users to activate digital receipts and  ReceiptHero […]

Banks Can Finally Enrich the Transaction Feed

September 19, 2019

There is no doubt that payments data is one of the most insightful areas for any bank to analyse. We make a lot of life choices by initiating payments, eating, drinking, social and living behaviour can all be dissected by looking deep into the purchasing habits of customers.  Analysing large amounts of transaction data to […]

ReceiptHero & Poplapay partnership for eReceipts

June 4, 2019

Giant leap forward for digital receipts ReceiptHero and the Payment terminal provider Poplapay have agreed to start cooperation. Cooperation enables eReceipts to Poplapay’s customers.  After technical integration is done Poplapay’s customers can activate ReceiptHero for free. “Poplapay is the second payment solution provider integrated into the ReceiptHero Platform. This is an important step for us, […]

A lesson from Target’s marketing: it doesn’t have to be creepy

March 1, 2018

If you start writing “how did Target” on Google, it fills in the rest for you: “..know a girl was pregnant before her father did?” It is clearly one of the landmark cases for data driven target marketing. Firstly, it shows that using data to predict behaviour is not sci-fi. Secondly, it teaches a lesson […]

Get to know your B2B with fully digital receipts

March 1, 2018

Shops including Gap, Topshop and Mothercare now routinely offer email receipts. Apple stores have been doing it for a long time. There are many obvious benefits for both consumers and retailers, but one is notable for retail with B2B sales. Digital Receipts solve two problems 1.Merchants don’t have loyalty programs for SME’s and they don’t […]

Merchant, your customer wants e-receipts

March 1, 2018

As a merchant you have to, by law, offer receipts in Finland. The law aims to tackle black market business, but results in a lot of waste. Paper is cluttering our wallets. And when we do need receipts to return something, they are usually lost. Paper receipts are yesterday, but what’s the alternative? Brands are […]

Case study – Taksi Helsinki

March 1, 2018

A customer registers to Taksi Helsinki app by using one or two payment cards or Taksi Helsinki payment card (in which case the payment is automatic). Cash option is also available. What improvements were you looking for with ReceiptHero? The manual work when handling taxi receipts is considerable. We wanted to create a fully digital […]

Verifone Partners with ReceiptHero

January 22, 2018

ReceiptHero and the Payment terminal provider Verifone have agreed to start cooperation. As a result of a collaboration between ReceiptHero and Verifone, digital receipts will be linked to the customer’s payment card. The receipt is delivered to an application of your choice, such as Facebook Messenger, email or even accounting software. This solution will also […]