Get to know your B2B with fully digital receipts

Get to know your B2B with fully digital receipts

Shops including Gap, Topshop and Mothercare now routinely offer email receipts. Apple stores have been doing it for a long time. There are many obvious benefits for both consumers and retailers, but one is notable for retail with B2B sales.

Digital Receipts solve two problems

1.Merchants don’t have loyalty programs for SME’s and they don’t know their small business customers. With digital receipts Merchants can recognize their b2b customers with digital receipts.

2.Companies can save billions in accounting. In digital receipts the data is in structured format consisting product level data. That allows the automation in accounting. email receipts can not support this.

So the problems is that entrepreneurs cannot use customer loyalty schemes, because businesses are not allowed to benefit from consumer rewards such as bonus points. The data does not transfer back to merchants. This has created a customer segment that moves in and out of shops like a fright of ghosts. With new co-operation with Verifone we can solve this problem.

E-receipt or digital receipt  (not email receipts) already enable near automatic bookkeeping. Using e-receipt companies save 5 to 7 euros per receipt in handling costs making it very attractive to businesses in all shapes and sizes. For merchants there is an additional benefit: the users of e-receipt application refer their business ID for recognition. When they shop using e-receipt application, they also locate their purchase to match their details. Just being able to connect these data points will give businesses a lot to work with in terms of locations, lines of businesses, frequencies and quantities.

As a seller, you can start creating B2B loyalty schemes based on receipt data.

Digitalization of receipts is a social-media-like transformation for commerce. It enables vertical use of purchase data, from business to business. Early adopters of B2B purchase data have been in transportation where the data can be used for service improvement in the business class. Now the network is growing and more merchants are integrating into data ecosystems to get a slice of the cake.

A significant driver for digital receipts are the costs related to processing paper receipts. Businesses that use digital receipt application are more inclined to shop where edigital receipts are available and they don’t risk losing relevant information. This creates a clear competitive advantage in not so distant future.

With receipt data, you can access a customer segment formerly known as ghosts. If you knew your business customers, what better service you could offer them?

ReceiptHero is now available for Verifone’s customers without any costs! So start to engage your business customers today and offer them the ultimate digital customer experience. Lear more here:

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