ReceiptHero and Nordea Activates Digital Receipts for the Finnish Government

As part of the government’s goal to go fully ‘digital receipt’ compliant by 2025, ReceiptHero and Nordea have been supporting the State Treasury on onboarding roughly 50,000 employee corporate cards to be used in ReceiptHero enabled merchant locations.

‘By 2025, digital receipts are set to become the shared, compulsory government solution, meaning that anyone dealing with the government would offer e-receipts’. Pirjo Ilola, Senior Finance Administration Specialist, The State Treasury.

This now positively moves the market forward, with point of sale and payment service providers being more active to support their merchants.  Digital receipts have been designed to comply with the GDPR. In addition to being secure, digital receipts help fight tax avoidance from undocumented trade.

The four corner model which has been adapted by the State Treasury avoids an endless number of point-to-point integrations and agreements. It also supports the digital receipt proposition for large international and cross-border merchants. ReceiptHero also supports a future where all digital receipt platforms work together to allow a global scheme for customers to seamlessly receive their receipts wherever they want to.

‘For merchants across Finland, this is a wakeup call to be more accepting of technological advancements such as digital receipts. The State Treasury is setting a high example of how companies want to streamline their expense management. By not implementing digital receipts your business will soon lose 50,000 potential customers, soon after that it might be hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers. The time is now, let’s work together to future proof your merchant locations!’. Joel Ojala, CEO at ReceiptHero  

About ReceiptHero: ReceiptHero is a Finnish company building a fully digitalized receipt platform where merchants can send their receipts into banking or accounting applications. We integrate into point of sale systems and payment solutions to build digital receipts, which are then passed into accounting software and banking apps.

Source: The digitalisation of receipts to boost the move to real-time economy

Chris Moore

Chris Moore