Receipthero Partners With Custobar to Enrich Customer Purchase Data

Customer purchase data is the foundation of any great loyalty scheme; however retail chains have previously faced a battle to find the most optimal solution with lack of point of sale data and ways to identify customers without a cumbersome onboarding process.

Retail chains need to use the latest platforms and integrations to drive loyalty programs to attract, retain and grow customers. That’s why today we’re thrilled to be partnering with Custobar to connect the dots when it comes to attributable loyalty via customers payment cards. The partnership will allow Custobar retail users the ability to see further enriched data with deeper insight into purchase behaviour.

‘At Custobar our sole focus is on making the best marketing automation platform that combines online and offline data into a single, actionable 360° customer view. With this new partnership with ReceiptHero, our customers will be able to see a clearer purchase breakdown of their customers’ purchases to see which channels are working most effectively’. Tatu Kuivalahti, CEO, Custobar.

‘Receipt data holds much promise today for loyalty programs — effective receipt data collection can provide insights to companies to create better and personalised programs. Efficient and accurate receipt data collection will be the key in extracting more value out of rewards and loyalty programs’. Joel Ojala, CEO, ReceiptHero.

ReceiptHero and Custobar are now working on the first pilot cases in Finland. If you’re a retailer interested in enabling this feature in your Custobar platform, please get in touch with Tatu at

Chris Moore

Chris Moore