ReceiptHero Partners with Eurocard For Digital Receipt Rollout

ReceiptHero Partners with Eurocard For Digital Receipt Rollout

The collaboration between ReceiptHero and Eurocard brings digital receipts to make everyday life easier

ReceiptHero is pleased to announce that it has signed a cooperation agreement with SEB Kort, the issuer of Eurocard, the largest corporate card issuer in the Nordics.

As a result of the cooperation, business customers and consumers who have Eurocard payment card, will in the future be able to receive digital receipts in Eurocard’s apps. The first cards that will be integrated with ReceiptHero are the Eurocard Corporate Cards that are used by thousands of companies across the Nordics.

Filing current travel receipts as a business customer can be very cumbersome and cost businesses many hours of manual work. ReceiptHero’s digital receipts will provide a streamlined experience for Eurocard corporate customers. In addition, digital receipts make it easier for consumer customers to manage their finances.

“Eurocard’s forward looking approach to digital receipts is clear evidence that mass adoption is not far away. We both believe digital receipts are an important part of the card issuer’s  services to consumer and business customers. With the collaboration, thousands of businesses  and consumers will soon be able to receive digital receipts directly from the merchants. For merchants wondering what are the benefits of providing customers with such a solution, apps are a new and interesting channel for reaching consumer customers, ”Joel Ojala, CEO, ReceiptHero Oy.

“As the largest corporate card issuer in the Nordic market Eurocard has a long history in helping Nordic companies improve their payment solutions. One of the key obstacles in this has always been for companies to handle the paper receipts when employees are making a purchase with a corporate card. Eurocard has during the last two years invested in solutions to make the receipt handling more digitalized. With this agreement we want to show to both companies, merchants and other partners that we are strongly committed to getting receipts digitalized within the Nordics, “ concludes Mads Moesgaard, Nordic Business Manager, Eurocard.

The collaboration between Eurocard & ReceiptHero shows that digital receipt is no longer just a distant vision of the future. Digital receipts are proven to be an integral part of banking and the modern day shopping services.

About Eurocard

Eurocard is the largest corporate card issuer in the Nordics. We issue both private and corporate cards that aim to help companies and private individuals make payments in a safe, efficient and convenient manner. We offer payment solutions for all kinds of companies and organizations, travel accounts and various tools for administration and follow-up that can be adapted to national and international operations. The accessibility and freedom offered by us has contributed to setting the standard for other debit and credit cards on the market since 1965. More information on

About ReceiptHero

ReceiptHero is a Fintech startup building a fully digitalized receipt platform where merchants, banks and customers can consume receipt data. We integrate into point of sale systems and payment solutions to build digital receipts, which are then passed into accounting software and banking apps.

Chris Moore

Chris Moore