Case study – Taksi Helsinki

Case study – Taksi Helsinki

A customer registers to Taksi Helsinki app by using one or two payment cards or Taksi Helsinki payment card (in which case the payment is automatic). Cash option is also available.

What improvements were you looking for with ReceiptHero?

The manual work when handling taxi receipts is considerable. We wanted to create a fully digital path from the customer to financial administration. This means that a business customer can have the receipt sent digitally to eTasku or Procountor.

Digitalization is not in the future, but strongly present in our business. Our service means no typing in PIN’s, no paper receipts to scan and automatic payment.

How many people in your organization were involved and for how long for ReceiptHero integration?

Mainly three people for two to three weeks.

What was done?

We decided on the standard for transferring data for the purpose of e-invoice. On the user side there was not much work to do. On the backend it took approximately two weeks to build the integration according to the chosen standard. We have strong capabilities for integrations. For this reason, the process was quite straight forward.

First we agreed on piloting the integration and then continued it with another contract.

What measurements have you used?

We measure app downloads, devices used, registrations, orders via app, payment choices, how customers use additional services, how many receive e-receipts. We have tens of thousand app users and hundreds of thousand orders.

We also know the amount of receipt data referred to eTasku and Procountor and it is clearly more than just a “nice-to-have” option. We have advertised this option for business users.

Was there a lot to consider regarding information security?

The information is encrypted by default and all regulation on personal data handling taken into consideration. The data is moved by customer permission only, it is stated that receipt data is moved from our app into for instance eTasku.

What was the result?

We can now see that the amount of orders via app have grown considerably.

What customer feedback have you received?

We do recognition by email which forms the customer ID. When receipts are referred to eTasku, the recognition happens via email. We have received some feedback if the registered email address is different in the receiving applications and the connection is lost. This is easily resolvable, when the other email address is added to eTasku as an alias.

To my knowledge, we haven’t received any inquires from customers regarding data rights.

What would you have done differently?

The integration process was agile, but we could have created more hype around the app and done more marketing. We could have aimed for media coverage.

What do you wish from ReceiptHero in the future?

The majority of our app users are business related. The fact that we are able to produce receipts digitally is a strong asset for us in B2B sector. We are hoping that other reimbursement operators such as Visma join ReceiptHero. Visma’s M2 Travel Management system is widely used in the public sector. This integration would cut costs in the public sector and give us a service edge.

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Joel Ojala


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