Verifone Partners with ReceiptHero

Verifone Partners with ReceiptHero

ReceiptHero and the Payment terminal provider Verifone have agreed to start cooperation. As a result of a collaboration between ReceiptHero and Verifone, digital receipts will be linked to the customer’s payment card. The receipt is delivered to an application of your choice, such as Facebook Messenger, email or even accounting software. This solution will also be available for banks to integrate into their mobile banking apps. 


“This is a huge statement of intent by Verifone and we are thrilled to work closely with such a big international payment player. This doesn’t just unlock a large portion of the Finnish market, but allows us to look to other Nordic and European markets where Verifone already has a large footprint”, says ReceiptHero’s CEO Joel Ojala.

Within the Nordics, Verifone is a leader in the payment service market. This cooperation therefore allows ReceiptHero the ability to scale international operations with the technical integration already completed.

About ReceiptHero

ReceiptHero was spun out of e-Tasku with a sole focus to improve digital receipt distribution for consumers. Currently, when a customer looks at their bank statement they can only see the retailer’s name, the total amount and the date. ReceiptHero will complete the loop by connecting merchants, POS payment data for banks to use within their mobile apps, providing significant value to customers such as digital loyalty stamps. ReceiptHero helps merchants to better understand customers purchasing behavior, anonymously. ReceiptHero is currently in development with some of Finland’s largest banks and working with large retail chains such as Restel, which includes Taco Bell, O’Leary’s, Rax and many more.

About Verifone

Verifone is transforming every day transactions into new and engaging opportunities for merchants and consumers at the last inch of payments and commerce. Powered by a growing footprint of more than 30 million devices in more than 150 countries, our people are trusted experts working with the world’s best-known retail brands, financial institutions, and payment providers. Verifone is connecting more products to an integrated solutions platform to better meet the evolving needs of our clients and partners. Built on a 37-year history of uncompromised security, we are committed to consistently solving the most complex payment challenges.

Chris Moore

Chris Moore