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Why you should implement ReceiptHero into your bank app

ReceiptHero links directly to payment cards using point of sale and PSP partners. If a Customers pays at any ReceiptHero enabled merchant location, they’ll automatically receive digital receipts via integrated bank apps.

Customers demand it!

Knowing how harmful paper receipts are to the environment and how easy they are to misplace - consumers want to see a digital alternative.

Insights to purchase behavior

Knowing more than just where an item was purchased and for how much,digital receipts offer improved personal finance management through budgeting tools.

Drive loyalty with partners

Having the ability to upsell and retarget your customers via the banking app, allows merchant partners to directly increase revenues.
(coming 2020)

ReceiptHero to add itemised receipts to Nordea Wallet

“We think the ability to digitise your receipts, as provided by ReceiptHero, will give our customers greater insight into their spending, and a less cluttered financial life. Having ReceiptHero join us to build out this proposition is an exciting step into the future of finance.”

Tomi Hakari, Senior Business Developer at Nordea

Digital Receipts For Eurocard Holders, Coming 2021!

“As the largest corporate card issuer in the Nordic market Eurocard has a long history in helping Nordic companies improve their payment solutions. One of the key obstacles in this has always been for companies to handle the paper receipts when employees are making a purchase with a corporate card. Eurocard has during the last two years invested in solutions to make the receipt handling more digitalized. With this agreement we want to show to both companies, merchants and other partners that we are strongly committed to getting receipts digitalized within the Nordics, “ 

Mads MoesgaardNordic Business Manager, Eurocard.

Full Service Experience

ReceiptHero’s game-changing  technology enables banks to offer a leading digital experience that customers love.

Monthly insights and KPI reports.

ReceiptHero team on site during implementation.

Adaptable hosting solutions that work with your systems.

Always available support, phone, email or chat

Read our latest report

In our report we deep dive into how digital receipts can improve customer experience across different banking business units, enabling new product innovations and also supporting core banking processes.

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