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ReceiptHero, a digital receipt platform based in Finland announces a new partnership with Visa and Mastercard to provide an alternative to the paper receipt. The collaboration allows ReceiptHero to scale their operations across Europe and subsequently provide more merchants the opportunity to send their receipts to private and business customers digitally.

ReceiptHero will leverage both Mastercard and Visa’s platform for real-time transactions to be used as part of the digital receipt delivery process. Unlike an email or paper receipts, a truly digital receipt matches the structured purchase data automatically to the right transaction. Having both card networks supporting ReceiptHero technically, will allow for a giant step in making digital receipts widely adopted.

With ReceiptHero’s platform being fully operational in Finland for just two years, the company has activated thousands of merchants big and small across the country. Two of the largest corporate banks in the region, SEB and Nordea have also embraced digital receipts with direct integrations with ReceiptHero. Finland has been accelerating towards digital receipt adoption and the model will be replicated for other European markets.

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By partnering with ReceiptHero, Visa aims to drive digital receipts into further adoption across Europe and anticipate the impact of eliminating paper receipts can deliver value towards key customer experience and sustainability goals. Specifically, ReceiptHero will benefit from the use of the Visa Offers Platform – an API based tool that will enable them to access authorization data across Europe and expand their merchant customer base.

‘We’ve been really impressed with ReceiptHero’s approach to building out the digital receipt infrastructure. The team has proven the platform works in Finland and we’re looking forward to supporting them to grow throughout Europe.’ Pratap Gautam, VP, Head of Buyer and Seller Solutions - Visa Europe.

Similarly to Visa, Mastercard has been investing significantly into their sustainability efforts. One of those being the Priceless Planet Coalition, whereby Mastercard aims to restore 100 million trees by 2025. Where Mastercard and ReceiptHero can have direct impact is encouraging people to make mindful spending choices through personalized insights, which can be visible on a digital receipt.

‘ReceiptHero participated in Mastercard’s Nordic & Baltic fintech partnership platform Lighthouse in late 2020. Since then we have been working towards how to best partner up to complement each other.. At Mastercard we have many opportunities to support a world where digital receipts are the defacto proof of purchase. We are excited to get up and running with ReceiptHero’ says Erik Gutwasser, Division President Mastercard Nordics and Baltics.

For point of sale partners, ReceiptHero supports as an integrated partner allowing their merchants to go live with digital receipts as effortlessly as possible. By working with Visa and Mastercard, Point of Sale partners will now be able to provide the ReceiptHero service to all their merchants, regardless of the payment terminal they use.

‘From the very beginning we believed the card networks played a key role in how digital receipts are adopted, after all it’s the only part of the payment experience to have not been fully digitalized. This partnership provides rocket fuel for our growth into new markets but also supports all of our existing ecosystem partners with better experience. We can’t wait to get started’ - Saku Pihlajaniemi, CEO ReceiptHero

Rethink the receipt

Digital receipts are not only an ecologically sustainable way, it saves a lot of physical posting and enables big opportunities for merchants and consumers to analyze their purchase data and to better understand their consumption behavior.

‘This is a rally cry to merchants across Europe who haven’t started sending receipts to their customers digitally, now is the time to join the movement and let’s together stop the ecological disaster known as the paper receipt! ’ - Joel Ojala, CEO - ReceiptHero

ReceiptHero will continue to work with key partners such as Worldline & Verifone. By having access to a local level within the merchant’s store, ReceiptHero is building out interesting features and functionality to allow both merchants and customers benefit from digital receipts.

‘Delivering truly digital receipts might sound simple on the surface but in reality, it requires all ecosystem partners working together to make it the new normal. The new business models created by building the foundations will be a billion-dollar opportunity so it’s best to be on this journey with us from the start.’ Joel Ojala, CEO – ReceiptHero

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