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Point of Sale Terminals

Stop defaulting to printing paper,
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Why Digital Receipts, Why Us?

We’re on a mission to connect merchants, point of sale terminals, PSPs & banks into an ecosystem where digital receipts are the norm and flow freely to different stakeholders. Whether it’s understanding the customers purchasing behaviour or improving expense reporting for business customers, there are endless opportunities of leveraging the structured data from the POS to the end customer. Will you join us on our mission to eradicate the paper receipt?

Customers demand it!

Knowing how harmful paper receipts are to the environment and how easy they are to misplace - consumers want to see a digital alternative.

Instant Cost Savings

The fact that you won't need to supply thousands of receipt paper reels to your customers should be a huge bonus.

Keep ahead of competition

Having an online terminal infrastructure, you'll be able to deploy the ReceiptHero integration without any hiccups.

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Be at the Forefront of
Digital Receipts

Once you’ve integrated ReceiptHero we can start matching line item receipt data with enroled payment cards which will enable us to send digital receipts to bank apps, accounting software and any approved 3rd party technology provider.

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If you’re a bank who wants to talk about eReceipts, book a 15 min call to explore if we can help.