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With over 8 years in the receipts space, our founding team are well placed to take ReceiptHero globally. It's time we rid the world of paper receipts!

Our mission is to eliminate the paper receipt, simple as that.

At least 50% of paper receipts are made using BPA, a substance classified as toxic to humans and wildlife by the EU. Two out of every three paper receipts are thrown away unused each year. And at least 50% of paper receipts are almost impossible to recycle.

Purchase data is one of the most valuable yet underutilized sources of trends and financial health. Banks are building budgeting features without clear access to how their customers spend their money. For business customers, filing expenses is still incredibly cumbersome.

Enter, ReceiptHero. We are building a fully digitalized receipt platform where merchants, banks and customers can consume receipt data. We integrate into point of sale systems and payment solutions to build digital receipts, which are then passed into accounting software and banking apps. 


Founding team are tech entrepreneurs with strong track records in SaaS & Fintech. 

Before ReceiptHero Joel, Saku & Tuomas built & founded eTasku (TEM-software for SME). +50% of Finnish accounting offices use eTasku today. Chris & Mikko have a background in banking & early stage tech startups.

Tuomas Peippo

Mikko Nurmi

Lead Developer

ReceiptHero delivers digital receipts automatically from merchants to your banking and accounting applications. For Banks and PSPs we are the most advanced PCI DSS compliant partner for digital receipts.

We are building a digital ecosystem for receipts to be created and distributed into multiple channels.

For business customers, they want to seamlessly see their receipts land within their accounting software. This reduces risk to losing the paper copy and improves the UX by not having to scan the receipt using an app.

For personal customers, they want to see a better enriched transaction list in their mobile banking app. They also want to see this data being used in budgeting features to provide more accurate spend insights.

The data sent via our API includes the same information seen on a paper receipt, the tax levels, the company info, and the product level data.

With our API platform we can finally banish the paper receipt.