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Nos solutions

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Receipthero to Enable Digital Receipts for All Tulopos Customers

10 mai 2024

Solmio-Kassa & ReceiptHero Link up for Digital Receipt Offering

2 avr. 2024

CoreGo & Receipthero Partner to Provide Festival Visitors an Easy Way to Get Digital Receipts

26 mars 2024

Pentik Joins Forces with ReceiptHero to Offer Digital Receipts

21 mars 2024

Halpahalli to Partner with Receipthero for Digital Receipt Rollout

19 mars 2024

Omnichannel Innovation: ReceiptHero Integrates with Shopify for Unified Retail Experience

25 janv. 2024

Red Events Restaurants Collaborates with ReceiptHero for Enhanced Customer Experience at Helsinki Ice Hall

20 janv. 2024

ReceiptHero présente l'intégration de nouveaux produits au salon e-Payments Challenge 2023 de Worldline

4 déc. 2023

PRH Embraces Digital Efficiency with ReceiptHero Integration

14 nov. 2023

Verifone Selects ReceiptHero as Global Digital Receipt Partner

3 août 2023

Kotipizza Serves up Digital Receipts with ReceiptHero

25 mai 2023

Strengthening Our CDP and Loyalty Integrations, Announcing Our Partnership with Voyado

30 mars 2023

Zevoy Offering Cardholders Digital Receipts Powered by ReceiptHero

14 mars 2023

ReceiptHero Integrates with Oracle Simphony, Fafa’s Restaurants Go Live with Digital Receipts

25 janv. 2023

fiskaltrust et Receipthero s'associent pour s'attaquer aux tickets de caisse en papier dans toute l'Europe

30 janv. 2023

VR Partners with ReceiptHero to Deliver Digital Receipts

12 janv. 2023

Lagardére Travel Retail lance les tickets de caisse dématerialisés

21 oct. 2022

Receipthero to Roll Out Eco-Friendly Digital Receipting Solution with Ingenico

25 août 2022

ReceiptHero Joins Visa Fintech Partner Connect to bring Digital Receipts to Visa's Clients and Partners

12 août 2022

ReceiptHero Partners with Extenda Retail

13 avr. 2022

Neste Rolls Out Receipthero’s Digital Receipt Solution - A More Seamless and Responsible Payment Experience

14 mars 2022

ReceiptHero expands Verifone partnership across the Nordics

17 févr. 2022

All Aboard: Waltti Activates Digital Receipts for Public Transport Ticketing

27 janv. 2022

C'est officiel : ReceptHero est disponible en Suisse

20 janv. 2022

Euronics Goes Live with Digital Receipts in Finland

4 nov. 2021

New Partner Integration: Bezala

5 nov. 2021

Yonoton Partners with ReceiptHero

5 nov. 2021

Golf Sky to Tee Off with Digital Receipts

28 oct. 2021

02 Taksi Partners with ReceiptHero for In-App Digital Receipts

7 oct. 2021

ReceiptHero Partners with Pointone, Plans UK Rollout

20 sept. 2021

Nous avons commencé une collaboration avec Mastercard et Visa

15 sept. 2021

We Are Now Live With Eurocard

25 août 2021

Receipthero Is Now PCI Compliant

6 juin 2021

ReceiptHero Partners With Zucchetti Switzerland SA

7 juin 2021

ReceiptHero & Visma Partner for M2 Integration

7 juin 2021

ReceiptHero Partners With Custobar to Enrich Customer Purchase Data

26 janv. 2023

ReceiptHero et Worldline soutiennent le passage des tickets de caisse en papier aux transactions numériques

3 juin 2021

We’ve Got News: Announcing Our Seed Round

6 juin 2021

Receipthero Partners With Etronika

7 juin 2021

Nous avons commencé une collaboration avec Eurocard

6 juin 2021

Fast Food, Faster Receipts: Restel Upgrades to Digital Receipts!

20 oct. 2023

R-kioski Customers Can Now Receive Their Receipts Digitally

6 juin 2021

Winners of Mastercard Lighthouse Program

6 juin 2021

ReceiptHero and Nordea Activates Digital Receipts for the Finnish Government

6 juin 2021

Puuilo goes live with digital receipts

6 juin 2021

Receipthero Links up With CGI, Integrating Into Posmanager & LS Retail

6 juin 2021

Receipthero Joins Mastercard’s Lighthouse Development Program

7 juin 2021

ReceiptHero Partners With Diebold Nixdorf, Integrating Into Vynamic™ POS

6 juin 2021

Replanting the Global Forest With One Tree Planted

7 juin 2021

SKJ partners with ReceiptHero – Supercharging merchants future sustainability efforts

6 juin 2021

ReceiptHero Brings Its Digital Receipts to Nordea Wallet

6 juin 2021

3 Reasons Why Merchants Should Move to Digital Receipts

7 juin 2021

Banks Can Finally Enrich the Transaction Feed

7 juin 2021

ReceiptHero & Visma – Partnership for Smoothest Expense Reporting

7 juin 2021

Verifone Partners with ReceiptHero

7 juin 2021