Get Digital Receipts.


Say goodbye to paper receipts. Cut operational costs, reduce waste and deliver a better in-store experience for customers.

What is ReceiptHero?

We assist merchants in shifting from paper receipts to an appealing digital substitute for customers. Our innovative approach generates digital receipts by accurately connecting structured purchase information with its corresponding payment transaction.




Switch to digital receipts and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. It's a step towards a sustainable and environmentally-responsible business.


The store controls its own data and how it's used. We never sell the store's data to third parties. Payment card details are stored in a bank-level PCI environment, which is audited by an external cybersecurity firm.


Provide your customers with the ease of receiving and storing receipts. No more lost or faded paper slips; everything is stored safely and accessibly.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Gain insights into customer buying behavior while ensuring GDPR compliance. Use the data responsibly to offer personalized promotions, all while safeguarding customer privacy and rights.

Boost Customer Loyalty

With every digital receipt, offer personalized discounts and loyalty points. Enhance customer engagement, reward repeat business, and cultivate long-term relationships.

Seamless Integrations

Easily integrate digital receipts with your existing POS system or accounting software, streamlining your operations.

How it works




Easy Setup

ReceiptHero seamlessly integrates with a wide range of POS systems and is compatible with major card providers like Visa and Mastercard, ensuring a quick setup process that only takes a few minutes.




Flexible Digital Receipt Options

Card Linking

Customers can register their payment cards with ReceiptHero for automatic digital receipt delivery after each transaction.

QR Code

Customers can scan QR codes from external facing customer displays or payment terminals.


Customers hold their mobile device close to the payment terminal which will automatically open the digital receipt in the web browser.

Fetch Later

Customers who forgot to take a receipt in the shop and would still need one can fetch a receipt themselves through the ReceiptHero web service.




Benefits of Going Digital

Eliminate paper receipts, making transactions more eco-friendly and efficient. Customize digital receipts with offers like vouchers and loyalty stamps to enhance customer engagement.

How it looks

Custom Brand

Showcase your logo and colors on every receipt for consistent branding.


Embed special offers and discounts directly in the receipt to incentivize repeat purchases.

CO2 Emissions

Detail the carbon footprint for each purchase, promoting eco-awareness.


Integrate loyalty rewards and stamp cards digitally, encouraging repeat visits.


Gather immediate customer feedback directly via the receipt for continual improvement.

Transaction Data

See the transaction data. Digitalizing both ECR and payment terminal receipts into one.

Scan QR Code

Open Receipt

See how your customers interact with the receipt.

See how your customers interact with the receipt.

See how your customers interact with the receipt.

Are You a Customer Looking To Receive Digital Receipts?

ReceiptHero integrates with banks, retailers and other 3rd party applications. We also have our own iOS and Android apps. Download them from the links below