Delivering Digital Receipts Right into the Bank App

Help your cardholders get their receipts right next to the transaction data

Unlock the value of structured, real-time receipt data

Did you know that the payment terminals that most acquirers provide to merchants are spitting out wasteful paper receipts that benefit no one? Not just an unsustainable business cost, but also a wasteful financial cost too.

Benefits for Issuers

Reduced Fraud

Minimise your exposure to operational costs when it comes to fraud prevention and management.

A digital receipt tells a cardholder everything about what, where and when a transaction happened.

Competitive Edge

Get ahead of the others with a strong post purchase solution that is not just seen as a sustainable perk but a way to reduce operational costs for cardholders when completing their expenses.

Increased Engagement

Having all receipts stored in one place, especially the bank app, allows customers another touchpoint to interact with your bank app.

Making usage longer and driving more interactions.

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