Future Proof Your Point of Sale

Auttakaa asiakkaitanne lopettamaan paperisten kuitin tulostaminen ja siirtymään digitaalisiin kuitteihin (Valjastakaa asiakkaitanne siirtymään paperisista kuiteista digitaalisiin kuitteihin säästäen samalla aikaa ja resursseja.)

Integrated ECR Partners

Benefits to ECR Partners

Value Added Service

Widen the scope of your current solution, ReceiptHero can be deployed across different systems and configurations. Help your customers adopt the latest innovation solutions to improve the in-store experience.

Commercial opportunities

We work closely with partners to enable a win-win operating model. ReceiptHero shares revenues with all partners who help onboard merchants.

Enhanced UX

Digital receipts can simplify troubleshooting and support, reducing overhead costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Streamlined development

Focus on core functionalities while leveraging the expertise of the digital receipts provider for this specific feature.

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