New Value Added Services for Merchants & Cardholders

Unlocking the value of structured, real-time receipt data

Unlock the value of structured, real-time receipt data

Did you know that the payment terminals that most acquirers provide to merchants are spitting out wasteful paper receipts that benefit no one? Not just an unsustainable business cost, but also a wasteful financial cost too.

Benefits for acquirers

SaaS Platform

Provide merchants an easy to use add-on to their existing monthly subscription.

Drive increased revenues with a strong commercial model.

Competitive Edge

Get ahead of the others with a strong post purchase solution that is not just seen as a sustainable perk but a way to reduce operational costs for merchants.

No need to ship merchants rolls of paper anymore.

Easily Configurable

Multiple methods to integrate depending on what delivery methods or configurations merchants see beneficial.

Whether it's card-linked or QR code receipt delivery, ReceiptHero can offer all.

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